Success Stories

Hank - diagnosed with IVDD

Logan - dysplasia & osteoarthritis

Here's Logan's Story & fundraiser page - Logan lives in beautiful Alaska hours from vet care but his super mom did everything within her power to get him the best treatment. He had a horrible and painful bone infection and at one point they thought it was cancer, but it wasn't! With a great specialist, great treatment, the right medicine and acupuncture, Logan is back walking with his mom and pup sibling!  (mom said the page will be updated soon! They just did new xrays yesterday!)

Buttercup - IVDD

Here's Buttercup's Story - and you'll meet all of her siblings too!  Buttercup had IVDD and 3 herniated disks. Her mom opted for surgery, and they also did stem cells (regenerative therapy) and had a great physical therapist. As you can see she's back to wrestling and playing!

William Wallace - Broken Back!

Learn more about William's Story! (He now goes for 5 mile hikes with his family!!!  William was a street dog who was run over by a truck and his back was snapped in half!  The vet said he had a very low change of survival. He had a crushed spine and many open wounds. A rescue offered to help and with an amazing foster mom, an amazing veterinary specialty team William started to recover.  He found a furever home and his family who makes sure he gets plenty of exercise and stimulation and this Super Pup, while in a wheel chair, is just like any other dog, maybe even stronger with all he's over come! And loves his hikes!  He was named William Wallace after the Scottish warrior and knight. But as one of the Egyptian women once proclaimed. He is a King. 

Poppy - was diagnosed with Polyradiculoneuritis

The gorgeous Ms. Poppy was diagnosed with  Polyradiculoneuritis at the end of May 2017. This is a form of acute paralysis where all 4 legs suddenly go limp and involved the spinal nerve roots and the peripheral nerves. Poppy's mom took her to see a veterinary neurologist, and she was treated with medications specific to the illness and Physiotherapy... Lots of it!!!  Every day! Both at home and at the veterinary rehab center. It took a good 4 months.  Mom tracked Poppy's progress every day and at the end of August 2017, Poppy started to stand up on her own, and go to the kitchen to wait for her food! Then she started to take steps! By Mid September she was going for walks again with her brother Gus who had been overseeing her therapy! 

Shorty - Disks & blood clot

Shorty's Journey is an amazing one! This sweet silly crazy girl has so much spirit and spunk! She was diagnosed with disk issues and had a blood clot and became paralyzed.  She had lost tons of muscle mass but her humans never gave up on her and she had surgery, and they held a huge fundraiser(s) to help cover the costs and did Physical therapy, and as you'll see in Shorty's videos, she is a true pup, Always living in the moment and making the best out of every situation!  She's starting to walk again too and it's amazing to see this super girl take steps and then fly around playing with her siblings!

Pups on the Road to Recovery! - Follow their Journeys!

Cash - Diagnosed with IVDD

Follow Cash's journey! He's one of our Super Dog's currently on his road to recovery.   On 09/14/17 Cash awoke frantically and collapsed, all four of his legs were stiff. He was rushed to the ER and the neurologist diagnosed him with disk disease and one of his disks ruptured. His faithful humans opted for Ventral Slot Surgery and Cash has been working on his recovery since his surgery. Cheer him on!

Bella - Diagnosed with FCE

Follow Bella's Journey to recovery! Beautiful Bella was diagnosed on Jan 1, 2016 with FCE.   FCE is a stroke-like event within the spinal cord: signs (symptoms) are very sudden in onset and vary with the location of the FCE. Small particles of fibrocartilage believed to come from the discs between the vertebrae (bones of the spine) block blood vessels within the spinal cord.  


Follow Daisy's Journey! Introducing the beautiful Ms. Daisy!  Daisy had a spinal injury and needed to have surgery. She's on the road to recovery and enjoying every moment of life! She's wagging her tail, and starting to move her legs in her cart!! 

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