A Word On Wheelchairs

Not all chairs are created equal, some are more appropriate for certain conditions. A custom made chair is ALWAYS better than a non-customized chair, but price may be a consideration too. 

Make sure you do your research. There is nothing more frustrating and depressing about getting all excited about a wheel chair, paying all that money, it arrives, and it doesn't fit right, it's not the right chair for your dog and your dog further injures or re-injures their back, or your dog just hates it.

Dog Wheelchair / Dog Cart options

Eddie's Wheels

Custom Built Carts, Guaranteed to fit your dog and they arrive in 1 piece! No assembly!

Eddie's Wheels are Custom Built Affordable Dog Wheel Chairs, Rear wheels, Front wheels, Quad Carts, Carts for dogs with IVDD , Carts for dogs with Degenerative Myelopathy and everything in between. Built for Dogs, Cats, Turtles, Bunnies, Goats, Custom built to your needs! Built to Fit, Built to last, and No assembly Required!  They arrive ready to go!!  They also have used Carts too.  And specialized rehab equipment. Check out their Cart Comparison

K9 Carts

K9 Carts provide Rear and Full Support (quad Carts) wheel chairs for dogs and Cats for Purchase and Rental


KerDOG is a rehab cart that integrates a patented system with pedals that helps dogs regain muscle memory and muscle mass back. It also helps regain coordination with the pack legs. KerDOG  adjusts as your dog progresses to recovery. 

Walkin Wheels

Walkin Wheels provides standardized adjustable (to 1 inch increments) wheel chairs. 

Doggon Wheels

Doggon Wheels are custom built to your dogs measurements and special needs and are highly durable.  Doggon Wheels offers Rear Wheel Carts, Front Wheel Carts and Quad Carts.  These carts are specially built to fit your pet, and built to last. 

More Coming Soon

More Coming soon