Stem Cell Regenerative Therapy

Below are informational videos about dogs with Disk Disease, specifically IVDD, being treated with Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell Treatments for Paralyzed Dogs

NC State neurologist Dr. Natasha Olby is studying a promising new treatment for paralyzed dogs. Olby has used stem cell treatments to restore partial use of the legs and bladder control to dogs with spinal cord injuries. Her research holds promise for humans, too. 

Stem cell therapy for Scout diagnosed with IVDD

 Although IVDD affects all breeds of dogs, as many as 1 in 5 miniature Dachshunds will suffer from the pain and impairment of disk compression. At 6 years old, Scout became acutely paralyzed. Watch his journey to healing with regenerative stem cell therapy. 

VetCell Therapeutics Introduction Video

VetCell Therapeutics, a subsidiary of PrimeGen Biotech LLC, is dedicated to delivering advanced cell-based therapies for pets and companion animals. 

More Articles

Veterinarian Uses Stem Cell Therapy to keep IVDD dogs walking!

From the Blog " Lessons from a Paralyzed Dog" -  "Dr. Steven D. Garner DVM, DABVP is an innovator. When a cutting-edge veterinary treatment is introduced, he is known for setting his sights on mastering the technology if it will benefit his patients. That is why the veterinarian uses stem cell therapy to keep IVDD dogs walking. He is one of a handful of professionals who perform this procedure in a private clinic. .... Read More

Interview with a Stem Cell Therapy Expert

From the Blog  - "Lessons From A Paralyzed Dog"  " When I attended the Western Veterinary Conference in Las Vegas, I had the good fortune to interview stem cell therapy expert Chad Maki, DVM.  Dr. Maki is the Chief Medical Officer for VetCell™ Therapeutics™. The company has just started offering stem cell therapy treatments for dogs with Osteoarthritis. Dr. Maki took the time to explain the treatments available, the cost and the benefits. "... Read More!

A dog's life saved through Cell Stem Treatment

From The Stem Cell Blog - "This is Thelma. She is an adorable, friendly, 7 year old Boxer. Thelma was to be put down because she was suffering from Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD) in her neck. It was ultimately decided however to try stem cell therapy, performed by Pet Central Animal Hospital in Minneapolis, MN. This is a video of her BEFORE MediVet America’s stem cell procedure…..  Click to watch the videos and see Thelma's recovery!

Feasibility of Stem Cell Therapy for Intervertebral disk Degeneration (IVDD)


These encouraging results support feasibility of a stem cell therapy approach toward supplementation/replenishment of IVD cells and synthesis/maintenance of a more functional ECM in a degenerated disc. Moreover, the in vivo results demonstrate that transplanted MSCs survive and successfully engraft into the IVD tissue, and are effective vehicles for exogenous gene delivery to the IVD—thus there appear to be multiple mechanisms whereby stem cells might able to confer therapeutic effects in a stem cell therapy of IVD degeneration. "  Click to  read the whole Abstract

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