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This site was started as a resource for our Facebook Group.  The Goal of our group is to provide hope and support to pups with partial or full paralysis and their humans who love them. This group shares information, ideas, options, treatments, therapies, support, compassion, kindness and laughs. There are lots of things that a paralyzed dog (or person) can do. (Think about Stephen Hawkins..!!) And with the right team of people behind you, and the right care, and a lot of work, we have seen many dogs who were told they would never have feeling in their toes, let alone stand or walk.... actually RUN and PLAY again!    

We're beginning to learn that Education, Information, Perseverance, Patience and a Lot of Love are so Important in helping our pups get back on their feet.

We explore options like Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), physical therapy, hydrotherapy, acupuncture, stem cell therapy, surgery, diet, and lots of other options.. including therapies you can do at home... home hacks for hydrotherapy, etc.. and help each other find some of the best doctors, or therapists out there.. No budget is too small or too big as long as the heart is full of love and compassion for your furry companion.

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Why you shouldn't give up on a paralyzed pup

Hank suffered from a cervical disc lesion, or IVDD 17 days ago. He was unable to stand, walk or move. He was incredibly painful. His owners could not afford surgery or referral so I cared for him. His last guide on conservative treatment. Why you should never give up on an IVDD pet. Click to see more of Hank's journey and more success stories!  With the right diagnosis from a veterinary neurologist, and the right treatment plan and a lot of love amazing things can happen!!!


There's always HOPE!   This is a great inspirational video, that does an exceptional job of demonstrating that there is always hope!   We can help you find the right specialists who have the right experience - no matter where you live in the world, and no matter what your situation!   

This very special and inspirational pup worked with Dr. Jessical Rychel  (  https://youtu.be/X1vvN9yO1vI) 

Canine Rehabilitation - Jessica Rychel DVM, cVMA, CCRP