Why is it Important to see a Veterinary Neurologist?

While your regular vet may be someone you trust and love and great for so many things, they are your pet's General Practitioner.  Just as a Human Doctor needs to refer a patient who presented with paralysis issues or neurological issues directly to a neurologist, that's the same thing a veterinarian is supposed to do too. 

Veterinary Neurologists are Veterinary Specialists, have have gone through the same training and education process that your regular vet has gone through, and then an additional 8-10+ years MORE of education that has been exclusively focused on seeing patients with neurological conditions including paralysis. 

A Veterinary Neurologist is trained and has the specialized experience to properly evaluate and diagnose a pup who shows up with paralysis or neurological symptoms. They also have the proper equipment necessary to properly diagnose some cases. 

There are so many causes for paralysis, and some can be critical, that if they are not immediately diagnosed properly and treated, a condition to significantly worsen fast. These can be things like toxicity (environmental. topical, or ingested toxiins, or injections - like recent vaccinations), neurological infections or viruses (not always detectable with blood tests), blood clots, or bleeds in the spine or brain, etc.. you get the picture - Better Safe than Sorry.    Many of these things can only be diagnosed by a Veterinary Neurologist who has the proper equipment to diagnose.   

The good news is that there are treatments for ALL of these things!!!!

Often vets take the "wait and see" approach and put pups on bed rest and give them steroids and pain killers and tell you to wait and see what happens.  This can put your pup at risk if they missed something important.  This is why you need to see a Veterinary Neurologist  Sooner than Later. 

Find a Veterinary Neurologist

The Following Links are resources to find Board Certified Veterinary Neurologists.  

**Please keep in mind many people drive 3-5+ hours to see a veterinary neurologist**

Veterinary Neurologists - UK


This is not a comprehensive list. There are other Board Certified Veterinary Neurologists in India. Please use the links on top of this page to find more resources!

Mumbai - Acumed Veterinary Specialists www.acumedvets.com

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